BIA Reports

Corridor City Documents

  • 2014 Zoning Update: In 2014 the City approved member requests for updates to permitted uses and the boundaries of the Corridor. The changes to zoning and boundaries are intended to better address demand for light industry warehouse uses, research and development uses and retail uses.

Economic Development in the Corridor

  • Millier Dickinson Blais Study: In 2011 the BIA undertook an economic development study of the area. The recommendations of the study have guided some of the BIA activities including addressing zoning inconsistencies in the Corridor
  • Crosstaff Consulting Study: A number of Corridor members are involved in development of “clean technologies” or benefit from use of clean technologies. In 2012 the BIA commissioned a study of economic opportunity in the cleantech sector.
  • Cleantech Seminar: Water is an economic development challenge and opportunity in the Corridor. In 2013 the BIA held a seminar to investigate challenges and opportunities. The seminar attracted over 65 water innovation experts from across the Province.

Business Association Documents

  • Constitution:The activities of the BIA are governed by a constitution approved by the City of Ottawa.